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Company Name : World Bank

Position : Junior Professional Associates (JPA) Program ​

The Junior Professional Associate (JPA) program offers a special chance to get professional experience at the entry-level and first-hand knowledge of the difficulties and rewards of international development.

Are you just out of college? Do you care deeply about and are committed to assisting others? Are you seeking for a stable, multicultural job with two years of entry-level experience? If yes, you might be interested in the JPA program run by the World Bank.

​Working with more senior coworkers and project teams in their work in operations and corporate activities, you’ll employ your strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, your knowledge of technology, and your research skills in your JPA assignment. You’ll get the chance to improve your abilities and pick up new ones while getting a firsthand understanding of the difficulties associated with eradicating poverty and fostering shared prosperity. A career in government, consulting, the business sector, academia, or other development agencies may be paved using your JPA experience. ​

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Eligibility for the JPA program: ​

1. On your initial day of duty, you must be younger than 28 years old.
2. Possess a qualification equating to a bachelor’s degree.
3. English proficiency
4. One or more of the working languages of the Bank is a plus: French, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. ​

Due to the high level of competition for this employment program, candidates who are actively being considered for employment may be asked to provide their academic transcripts as well as references. Only those applicants who hiring managers want to interview will be contacted by the World Bank. ​

Jobs may be found in any of the World Bank’s locations across the globe. ​

A JPA assignment is not a stepping stone to a job at the World Bank, and it is forbidden from working for another two years after the two-year contract expires. However, after earning experience elsewhere and becoming authorities in their fields, some former JPAs may re-join the organization later in their careers. ​

All year round, there are open positions in this employment area.​

What are world bank trying to find?

Your academic accomplishments are exceptional, and you rank at the top of your graduating class. Your analytical and research abilities also apply to related fields like corporate and administrative functions (IT, legal, accounting, communications, etc.), economics, finance, human development (public health, education, nutrition, population), social sciences (anthropology, sociology), agriculture, environment (climate, blue economy), infrastructure, and development of the private sector. ​

You speak English well and, ideally, at least one of the following languages spoken by the Bank: French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, or Chinese. You utilize technology in your profession because you love it.​

What do World Bank have to offer you?

On a two-year, non-renewable Extended Term Consultant (ETC) contract with perks, we will give you the chance to get professional experience at the entry-level in a top development organization. ​


In order to match a compelling career option, the World Bank Group provides competitive salary and benefits. Salaries are competitive globally and are determined by educational background and professional experience.

  1. Health, Life, Accident, and Other Insurance Programs Staff hired by Headquarters and their eligible family members (including domestic partners) may select one of three comprehensive medical/dental benefit plans, with no pre-existing condition exclusions, if enrollment is made within 60 days of entry-on-duty. A comprehensive medical/dental benefits package is available to employees hired by a country office for themselves and their qualifying family members, including domestic partners.
  2. Pension Scheme: All employees are covered by a comprehensive pension plan provided by the World Bank Group. Contributions from both employees and the World Bank Group go toward a pension that is accessed after retirement.
  3. Benefits for expatriates, resettlement, and relocation: The World Bank Group pays relocation payments upon appointment and resettlement benefits upon termination of employment for employees hired to jobs that are subject to international recruitment. Additionally, the World Bank provides qualified foreign employees hired for positions at its headquarters that are open to international applications with a mobility premium. Eligibility is determined by nationality and the presence of a valid visa or legal resident at the appointment duty station. (Staff members appointed to jobs outside of the corporate headquarters that are subject to international recruitment may be eligible for extra expatriate incentives.)
  4. Paid Holiday: 26 days of annual vacation and 15 days of sick leave, earned daily, are provided to new employees. Parental leave is offered for births and/or adoption (100 days for the primary caregiver; 50 days for the secondary caregiver).

How can I apply?

Candidates that are interested can apply online. (Please take care to input required information when stated). Please be aware that we will keep active applications in our database for a total of six months. You will need to reapply if, after six months, you are still interested in the JPA program. Only those chosen for an assignment will be contacted to inquire about their availability and interest. The hiring manager chooses candidates in a very competitive process.​​

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