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A 13-Month Rural Development Program

Bright young minds who are citizens of India, Overseas Citizens of India (OCI), or Citizens of Nepal or Bhutan are eligible for the SBI Youth for India Fellowship. They get the chance to interact with rural communities, live among them, and work with them to address urgent problems in rural development. The Fellowship develops young leaders through a transformative journey that includes learning from rural India’s difficulties. To create and maintain grassroots programs, these leaders work with local government, NGO partners, and the community. There are four stages to the Fellowship journey:

  3. BUILD

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About the Internship :

Discover the Application Process

The application process gives potential fellows the chance to interact with rural communities, establish their ideal projects, and significantly advance India’s development objectives.

Stage 1: Online registration and assessment
Start by completing the registration form and taking the online test. You will be required to provide a thorough essay-based answer as part of the assessment, in which you can discuss your background, viewpoints, and desire to apply for the Fellowship.

Stage 2 of the assessment (personal interview)
The distinguished panel assesses the applicant’s personal qualities and eligibility for the position at the personal interview stage. This phase aims to give the selection committee a greater understanding of the candidate and assist it in making decisions based on information other than academic credentials and professional experience.

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About the Internship :

The characteristics of a Perfect Candidate

Candidates from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply as long as they demonstrate a significant interest, passion, and dedication to the improvement of rural India. Candidates should be humble, willing to learn in a cross-cultural setting, and show a strong dedication to service. Additionally, they should be capable of adapting, being resilient, and being creative in order to discover solutions in circumstances with limited resources.


Citizens of India, Overseas Citizen of India (OCI), Citizens of Nepal/Bhutan

21 to 32 year old youth may apply

Bachelor’s degree should be completed before 1st October, 2023

Final Selection

The selected candidates of Stage -2 will be notified on a rolling basis during the application period via email and/or SMS. On confirmation, candidates will be sent the offer letter, specifying details of the programme, Fellowship support and terms and conditions of the Fellowship.


Once the candidates have accepted the offer, the onboarding process will be initiated. We continuously engage with selected candidates over an online forum to get to know them better and clarify their doubts regarding the Fellowship.

Fellowship Support

  • A monthly allowance of 15000 INR for the duration of the programme to meet your living expenses.
  • A monthly allowance of 1000 INR for the duration of the programme to meet your transport expenses.
  • A monthly allowance of 1000 INR for the duration of the programme to meet your project related expenses.
  • A dedicated provision for language support will be provided at the location.
  • A readjustment allowance of 60000 INR upon successful & satisfactory completion of the Fellowship.
  • The cost of 3AC train fare from your residence to the project site location as well as expenses incurred on travelling for training programmes shall be covered.
  • A health and personal accident insurance policy will also be provided.

Other Support

  • You will be assisted by the local NGO staff to find suitable accommodation with safety in mind.
  • The partner NGO will also arrange for necessary support as and when required.
  • An SBI Youth for India team member will be available for overall support & guidance.
  • Mentorship by experienced professionals in the field.
  • Access to the community through well-established Partner NGOs
  • Linkages with premier organizations of the country.

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