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This job update is about Clarity App. Earn money by listening to people stories. 

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A mobile application called Clarity is intended to help users become more emotionally and mentally healthy. Many features are available on the app, such as guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, journaling prompts, and tools for tracking mood.

Clarity’s individualized approach to mental health support is one of its distinctive qualities. The app analyzes user mood data using artificial intelligence to offer individualized suggestions for exercises and meditations that can assist users’ mental health.

Users of Clarity can connect with others who are focusing on their mental health through its community function. Particularly for people who might be dealing with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, this can be a useful source of support and encouragement.

Ultimately, Clarity is created to be a complete mental health tool that users can utilize whenever they require assistance or direction. The software offers both free and paid subscription options and is accessible for both iOS and Android smartphones.


Follow these steps to register as a listener on the Clarity app:

1. Get the Clarity app from the Google Play Store or the Appstore.
2. Click the “Sign Up” button after opening the app.
3. Select “Listener” as your role.
4. Your name, email, and password must be entered.
5. By including a profile picture and creating a brief bio, you may finish your profile.
6. Set your availability and the topics you’re interested in.
7. Pick the communication channel of your choice (audio or video call).
8. Choose to charge an hourly rate or provide your services for no charge.
Send your application in.
9. Once accepted, you can start connecting with folks who need your support.
10. The use of Clarity App’s platform is subject to a fee, therefore be sure to review the terms & conditions carefully before signing up.

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