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You can start earning in a minute by completing tasks on Datamime which is the Tech Mahindra newly launched website.

Company Website –

Start Working –

What is DataMime?

Join thousands of DataMimers from across the globe to do microtasks that power real world applications of AI.

We’re backed by a Fortune 50 Enterprise, having presence across the globe in over 100 countries & are champions in diversity and fair pay!

Tasks are available in all major languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Portugese, Arabic etc.

Types of Tasks on DataMime

  1. Search Relevance – Query Result Matching, Entity Classification & Curation, Relevance
  2. Text Annotation – Intent Classification, Sentiment Analysis, Document Classification etc
  3. Speech Transcription – Transcribe all types of audio into text in multiple languages. Speech to Text, Transcription, Tagging and Intent
  4. Advertisement Relevance – Image Classification, Tagging, Segmentation, Object Detection, Identify, Classify and Audit Search Queries, Object Detection and Tracking etc

How to start working?

DataMime is consistently working towards simplifying your sign up flow. Follow these easy steps to gain access to the platform and start doing tasks on DataMime and UHRS. Make sure to create your outlook account and add your native languages to get access to all relevant tasks on DataMime.

  1. Join DataMime by sign up. Sign up Link –
  2. Activate your Account – Activate Link sent to your email.
  3. Create an Outlook Account

FAQ/ Payments

What is the Payment frequency?
What is the Payment Cycle?
1st to 30th/31st of a month
What payment options do I have?
Direct deposit and PayPal (subject to availability in your country).
How to enable 2 Factor Authentication?
Go to Settings > Payments. Click on enable button to reveal a QR code. Install the Google Authenticator app from Google Play Store. Scan the QR code using your Google Authenticator app. Enter the six-digit PIN from Google Authenticator app on DataMime.
When are the payments deposited?
Once the individual accepts their payouts on or before the 5th of every month, the payments are deposited within 20-25 days after the end of the payment cycle
What does payout mean?
Payouts are the earnings that you have earned on the DataMime. You can log in to your DataMime account, to view and claim these payouts.
How to raise the Payouts?
Go to My earnings section If your unclaimed earnings are >$10 then you will see the proceed button enabled for you. Select the checkboxes of all the unclaimed earnings you want to claim and click the proceed button.
How to Setup Payments?
You need to provide your payment account details to be able to raise payouts. We have direct deposit and PayPal payment methods available. Go to Settings>Payments and enable 2-Factor authentication. Select the country, choose the payment method and fill out the payment account details. Please ensure that you provide us with your full name as stated in ID and full address that your government ID supports these details and upload an Account Verification Document to validate the bank details.
Can the payment details be updated/changed during the payment processing time?
No, as the payment details are obtained from DataMime on the 1st of every month to start the payment process, any changes made during the processing time will reflect in the next month.
How do we get to know our earnings?
On the UHRS portal- go to My Report and check your monthly earnings by selecting the desire date range from 1st to 30th or 31st. You can also check on My earnings on the DataMime portal.
Is there a minimum threshold for my earnings to be processed?
Yes, the threshold is >10USD
What if my earnings are less than the minimum threshold?
You can claim it once your cumulative unclaimed earnings are >$10
Will I be charged for my earnings?
No, we do not charge anything on your earnings. However, you might come across few deductions from the payment gateways which include PayPal/Bank transfer. Refer to your respective bank to understand transaction fees, currency conversions and taxation laws of your specific country.


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